IFix4u .net    is Affilated with A.I.C. for your web Needs.

Phone Support : will be billed on a 15 minute interval. Phone support may be available Please  inquire.

Payment : Will be due no later thanAffiliatedof service date.
Travel Time :Their may, be addtional cost for mileage above 25 miles.
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 Labor Pricing Rates

 As you can see the rate listed are far lower than the average commercial rates
Services Hourly Rate
Auto Services $ 25.00
Electrical Services $ 20.00
Handyman Services $ 20.00
Security Camera Services $ 25.00
                                Instructional service is on a rate of $8 per 15 minute session.

 Fee Based Pricing

 Services are based on aadditionalFee not hourly rate 
Services Fee
PC Windows Service  $ 80.00
Personal Network Setup $ 65.00
PC Upgrade $ 65.00
Parts Pickup $ 10.00
Parts Order $ 15.00
                                                      Rates and Fee's are not Negotiable
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