Selecting a Handyman or tech 

Finding a Handyman may seem easy at first. There are hundreds of people in your area that you could hire.  It's all about Experience and Trust + Cost.
What to conceder when selecting a Handyman
Demand quality workmanship and asking for references will quickly reduce the list of qualified candidates. For your project needs and requirements.  
Professional Experience :
  Always ask has the handyman has done the work before and it's outcome  ask for a reference from that specific project,  also check on other personal references provided.  Try and get past project results before making a decision.
Cost per hour : 
    Make sure you understand what you will be paying for, get a price up front, don't haggle over price later get it in writing what you are paying for before work is started.
Get Personal References  : 
    Always get personal references and check on references before agreeing too any project/repair agreement. ask for names and numbers, and be ready too provide yours after work is done, as a new personal reference.
   Practicing these high standards for your project/repair will eliminated the vast majority of future re-ocurring problems. For high quality repair personnel take a good look at their personality as well, a good personality can be the difference between safety and trust.