Having trouble figuring out your pc not getting enough out of your PC.  Let us show you the ropes about computers and Windows.  we are well versed in all Windows platforms.

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Twenty nine years of computer experience,  You can do it attitude.   
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Windows & PC Private Tutoring

We can train and tutor you on some easy to do tips and tricks on Windows to help you operate your PC more effectivly and with less confusion and fustration. With just a couple of sessions you will start too be able to over come your questions or fears about computers.  If you are  under the age of 99 years we can help you learn more about computers. Take advantage of our almost three decates of experiance and know how. 

Office suites, Browsers, Security Suites, and other general computer applications
We have experiance with the following Windows Platforms. 

Windows 3.11
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT
Windows 2000

Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Windows 7

       Computer Education Service is limited too no longer than 2 and 1/2 hours per tutoring session.  including a review period.    

   Taking notes is encouraged and recordings are permitted for the tutoring sessions. We garantee more confidence after just two tutoring sessions.   


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