Is our personalty.  We can resolve your electrical needs and issues.  our experience in electrical issues,  is in decades. 

Electrical issues Pro
Twenty nine years of electrical trouble shooting experience,  Experience you can trust in.   
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Tip's :    run multiple different media wires at the same time to save on labor cost
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Wiring Services

We can do a lot more than just electrical wiring. Let us wire your place with a vast array of options with us.

As you can see we offer installation on a vast range of your wiring needs. let our experience benefit you.  while you save money.

110 volt
220 volt

Video and HDMI

       Have a black out box installed so an external source of power may be introduced to your home during blackouts.  enjoy being the only one with power at home in your community during blackouts. Enjoy the saftey of electricy when your local utility is down.    

     Need a stove or dryer serviced let us repair, why pay high cost labor for home repair needs.  we have serviced these appliances for over 20 plus years. let us trouble shoot your appliance.

    We can do general new wiring installation and well as trouble shoot existing wiring issues. Does your utility box need an upgrade or replacement let us offer our experience


    We have wired and resolved wiring issues from Ogden to Lehi, Utah areas for twenty plus years.     


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