To do a complete windows restoration a legal copy of windows will be required.  We can only install genuine Windows operating systems.

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We can do a complete reinstall and ad any applications with your copy of applications or suggest our own solutions at low or no cost too obtain. examples

Office suites, Browsers, Security Suites, and other general computer applications

Windows NT
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Restoration will require PC pickup and drop off

       Computer service may require PC pickup and drop off for service.  Please have PC software available such as Windows operating system and drivers software.  If solution can be made quickly in home PC pickup may not be required. 

     Complete wiping drive clean via reformat is a sure guarantee way too ensure all and any viruses are removed from infected PC. we can install virus protection that you do not have to purchase or we can suggest protection software you may purchase.   

   Hardware replacement includes the following

   Sound Card, adding additional usb ports to tower,  memory upgrades, drive replacement or add on and much more

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